The lake was impounded in 1944, and the US Army Corps of Engineers is now the controlling authority.

Texoma is known for it’s “stripers.” Striped bass were first stocked in Lake Texoma by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1965, and they began spawning in 1974.¬†Free-flowing current in the Red River makes Texoma one of the few lakes in Texas with a self-sustaining population of striped bass, and one of only eight inland freshwater reservoirs worldwide where this species has spawned.

Daily Bag Limits

Striped bass and hybrid striped bass- daily bag limit is 10 fish in any combination. Possession limit is 20 fish. There is no minimum length, but only 2 fish 20″ or longer can be retained each day.

White bass- no minimum length limit and a daily bag of 25 fish.

Blue and channel catfish- minimum length is 12″ and daily bag is 15 fish. Only one blue catfish 30 inches or longer may be retained each day.

Flathead catfish- the minimum is 20″ with a bag limit of 5/day.

Black and white crappie- 10″ minimum length and a combined daily bag of 37 fish. The possession limit is 50.

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